Aluminum Innovations: Protecting Dubai’s Skyscrapers from Extreme Weather - Part 1

Aluminum Innovations
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Aluminum Innovations: Protecting Dubai’s Skyscrapers from Extreme Weather - Part 1

April 16, 2024, saw the heaviest rainfall in 75 years in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The unprecedented weather event caused flooding across the emirates, including Dubai and Sharjah. The floods resulted in loss of life, halted transportation, and massive property damage. 

As a result, there’s a growing focus on building weather-resistant infrastructure, especially in the UAE’s skyscraper industry. One of the top innovations is aluminum designs that make these tall towers more resilient.

Here, in the first of two blogs, we’ll take a look at how aluminum contributes to withstanding extreme weather and what kind of doors and windows Technal offers that can help in this regard.

The Level of Damage from the Rains and Flooding

The effects of the downpour were unyielding. Within 24 hours, Khatm Al Shakla experienced over 254.8 mm of rain. Five lives were lost, daily life was disrupted, and transportation was severely delayed. Dubai Metro services stopped, major highways were reduced to one lane or closed, and 1,200 flights were cancelled or diverted. 

The deluge highlighted the need for UAE buildings to be weather-proof. Any future weather of this degree, or worse, could result in unexpected property damage and loss of life. Aluminum is perfect for building because it’s weather-resistant. When exposed to air, it forms a protective oxide layer that prevents corrosion and makes it more durable.

This natural resistance to rust and corrosion means aluminum can withstand heavy rain, humidity and extreme temperatures. It also maintains its structure and looks over time, so it’s a low-maintenance option for buildings that are exposed to harsh weather. This means aluminum buildings are robust and safe for modern designs.

Aluminum in Modern Skyscrapers

Aluminum has become a key material in weatherproof buildings. Its properties–lightweight, corrosion resistant and highly durable–make it perfect for building robust structures. The metal industry in the UAE is at the forefront of this technology, especially in producing advanced aluminum doors and windows to protect buildings from extreme weather.

Technal’s Aluminum Innovations

Technal is a leading aluminum building systems company. We offer products that greatly improve the safety and resilience of buildings. Our range includes SOLEAL Next, AMBIAL, TITANE doors, and SOLEAL Next windows, all of which perform exceptionally well in extreme weather conditions.

SOLEAL Next: The Versatile Door

The SOLEAL Next door series is versatile, with multiple configurations to suit different architectural needs. These doors are known for their thermal, acoustic and weather performance to international standards. Their key features are:

  • Concealed hinges and slim design.
  • Multiple opening options: single and double action, push-pull and automatic sliding doors.
  • High safety with anti-finger-trap mechanism, burglary and bullet resistance and emergency exit.
  • Sustainable construction with Hydro CIRCAL® aluminum with minimum 75% recycled end-of-life aluminum.

With these features, SOLEAL Next doors are perfect for buildings that need both functionality and style to withstand future floods.

AMBIAL: The Folding Door

The AMBIAL folding door rates highly in performance and flexibility. It can be fully opened inwards and outwards to create panoramic views with natural light while maintaining high weather resistance. Its features:

  • Robust design with stainless steel tracks and high durability.
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation for comfort and energy efficiency.

AMBIAL door design makes it secure in extreme weather conditions and an excellent choice for residential and commercial use.

TITANE: The Heavy Duty Door

Our TITANE door is designed for high-traffic areas with its robust hinges and secure locking system. It can withstand over one million opening and closing cycles for massive durability and reliability. It features:

  • Large size for public buildings and schools.
  • Forced entry and vandalism resistance.
  • Concealed hinges and integrated door-closer for added security.

TITANE door’s performance and security make it a reliable option for buildings with high usage and harsh weather.

SOLEAL Next Windows: Performance and Style

Technal’s SOLEAL Next windows deliver maximum performance with minimal environmental impact. They offer:

  • High thermal and acoustic insulation to international standards.
  • Various applications: fixed-light frames, pivot frames and patio windows.
  • Sustainable construction with Hydro CIRCAL® aluminum and PVC-free components.

These windows keep buildings energy efficient and comfortable in extreme weather conditions and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Weather Resistance in Skyscraper Design for the UAE’s Future

The April 2024 floods have emphasized the need for resilient building design in the UAE. Technal’s aluminum products are part of this evolution, providing solutions that combine durability, safety and sustainability. By incorporating these advanced aluminum doors and windows in skyscraper design, the UAE can protect its iconic skyline from future extreme weather.

In conclusion, as the UAE grows and develops, adopting advanced materials and design is key to building resilient infrastructure. Technal’s aluminum solutions embody this approach, so skyscrapers can withstand the elements and be part of a sustainable future.