Adding Elegance to Architecture: Aluminum Sliding Doors in UAE Luxury Buildings

Aluminum Sliding Doors in UAE Luxury Buildings
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Adding Elegance to Architecture: Aluminum Sliding Doors in UAE Luxury Buildings

In the UAE’s fast-paced architectural scene, where modernity meets luxury, design elements matter. As a metal industry leader in the UAE, we at Technal deliver high-end aluminum sliding doors that combine luxury with functionality. 

Let’s see how our range adds to the style and performance of luxury buildings across the region.

Dubai, Where Architecture and Luxury Meet

In the UAE, and Dubai specifically, architecture is all about luxury and innovation. With some of the most iconic and luxurious buildings in the world, the city’s attention to detail is evident in its tall towers, lavish villas, and state-of-the-art offices. Each building is a modern design statement, incorporating the latest technologies and high-end materials to create structures that are not only beautiful but functional.

Naturally, designing a building with these kinds of elements demands using the very best in aluminum sliding door design to get the very best in scenic views and vistas. Look no further than these offerings.

ARTLINE XL: Bigger Size, Less Aluminum, More Light

The ARTLINE XL is a masterpiece of engineering and design, reflecting the global trend of larger glazed surfaces. This sliding door system allows for the movement of glass panels up to 1200 kg per pane for maximum transparency and comfort. ARTLINE XL is perfect for the UAE’s extreme climate.

What sets ARTLINE XL apart is its ability to have large dimensions without compromising on performance. The high-inertia profiles can support panes higher than 3 meters, and the sealing and acoustic performance is exceptional for air permeability, water tightness, and wind resistance that meets the highest standards. The frames can be built into the masonry for a near-invisible profile that adds to the overall aesthetic. This means a slim elegance that matches the luxurious transparency required in modern architecture.

The ARTLINE XL’s hidden frames and ability to have frames at 90° corners without an upright further blend indoor and outdoor spaces. When the panes are open, the boundary between inside and outside disappears for a large, uninterrupted view that’s luxurious and inviting.

TIGAL: Weathering the Storm with Innovation

As urbanization grows, buildings that can withstand harsh climate conditions while also offering a luxurious, peaceful living space are a must. TIGAL, Technal’s hybrid sliding door system, combines the best of a window with the performance of a sliding door. Its patented central sealing system is four times more watertight than traditional sliding doors, perfect for high-rise buildings exposed to extreme weather.

TIGAL’s design is detailed with sleek lines, hidden hardware, and a micro-ventilation system for smooth and silent operation. This system uses 70% recycled materials, Technal’s commitment to sustainability. The profiles are extruded from Hydro CIRCAL®, one of the lowest carbon aluminum in the world, our eco-friendly solution.

The large glazed areas of TIGAL bring indoor living quality to the maximum by flooding the space with natural light, and its acoustic performance provides a peaceful indoor space amidst the urban noise. This combination of innovation, sustainability, and luxury makes TIGAL the perfect choice for modern high-rise living spaces.

LUMEAL: Less is More

Technal’s LUMEAL Minimal system is the ultimate minimalist design, with a hidden sash that increases the glass surface area by 8 to 14% depending on the application. This sliding system not only adds visual appeal to any space but also has excellent thermal performance and low air permeability, perfect for low-energy buildings.

LUMEAL’s large size, up to 4.5 meters wide and 2.7 meters high, and ability to support heavy frames makes it perfect for grand luxurious spaces. Its slim central meeting stile and hidden drainage add to the refined look, and the option for motorization makes it convenient and easy to use for large, heavy frames.

Hydro CIRCAL® aluminum also reduces the carbon footprint of the system. LUMEAL’s unique design handles and slim lines offer a customizable and sophisticated solution that maximizes the natural light and luxury feel of any building.

SOLEAL: Flexibility and Performance

SOLEAL is flexible in its uses and is suitable for new builds and renovations. It has two to four tracks, internal or external corner solutions, and various composite frames to fit any project.

SOLEAL’s large size, up to 4.3 meters wide and 2.6 meters high, is designed to flood the space with natural light and luxury feel. The system’s thermal, weather, and acoustic performance provides comfort and energy efficiency, while the minimalist strip reinforcers and hidden drainage add to the modern look.

Technal’s attention to detail is visible in SOLEAL’s accessibility features and special facilities for disabled users, so luxury is for all. Multiple locking mechanisms for security and convenience make SOLEAL a complete solution for high-end architectural projects.

GALÈNE: Sliding Windows for Grand Openings

GALÈNE sliding door system is designed for large openings up to 10 meters wide. The lift and slide mechanism ensures smooth and easy operation even for large, heavy leaves. The system allows maximum natural light to flood the space and adds to the luxury feel of any room.

GALÈNE’s acoustic performance reduces urban noise to a minimum and provides a peaceful indoor space. The locking mechanism and ease of movement provide security and user comfort, and the ability to incorporate technical glazing with integrated blinds adds to the thermal and acoustic benefits.

Technal’s GALÈNE is perfect for panoramic views and grand entrances, so it’s the ideal choice for luxury buildings that require both performance and style.


In Dubai, luxury goes beyond the exterior to the internal spaces, where every detail is thought of to be elegant and refined. From floor-to-ceiling windows that offer stunning views of the city to beautifully designed interiors with premium finishes and fixtures, Dubai’s luxury buildings redefine the meaning of high-end living. The integration of smart home technologies and green building practices adds to the appeal of these buildings, making them a must-have for elite residents and businesses.

Technal’s range of aluminum sliding doors, ARTLINE XL, TIGAL, LUMEAL, SOLEAL, and GALÈNE, is the fusion of luxury, functionality, and innovation. Each system is designed to improve the architectural beauty of buildings in Dubai and the UAE, with superior performance, sustainability, and aesthetics. By combining these solutions, Technal is setting the benchmark for the metal industry in the UAE, with luxury and sophistication for modern architecture.