Add the perfect detail with Technal’s Exclusive Handles Collection

Exclusive handles
exclusive handles


Add the perfect detail with Technal’s Exclusive Handles Collection

The success of a building project can ultimately hinge on the smallest details. At Technal, we understand the importance of detail, and as an aluminum doors and windows supplier, we ensure that your installations are paired with the perfect handles to make them stand out in design perfection. When it comes to aluminum windows and doors, having the right handles to harmonize the overall design of your project is vital. That’s why we have launched our newest collection to accompany our existing standard handles collection. Introducing Exclusive Handles, the latest addition to the Technal handles solution. In this blog, we’ll explore this dynamic new range of handles and how they tie in perfectly with Technal’s aluminum architectural solutions.

The Exclusive Handles Collection, elevating design to a new level

At Technal, we strive to stay at the forefront of design and innovation. The Exclusive Handles collection is a testament to this ethos, offering architects and designers a new line of handles to revolutionize the final aesthetic of the aluminum windows and doors for their projects. With a range of customization solutions, including exclusive rose handles, the collection exudes a minimalist and timeless style. The collection consists of three lines of finishes: Selection, Temptation, and Passion.

Let’s explore each new line in more detail and discover how they can elevate your building project.

  • The Selection Range, adding uniqueness in every touch

The Selection handles range exudes the perfect partnership of minimalism and functionality, creating a sublime visual and tactile experience. A uniform, sleek visual profile accords with current design fashions, and the handle is available with both round and square finishes. Ergonomic functionality and adaptability have been considered when designing this handle, as it offers a rounded back that provides an excellent grip that is pleasant to the touch. The Selection handles are made of cast aluminum and available with a range of finish options and colors, including anodized or lacquered.

  • The Temptation Range, creating personalization with a quality feel

Offering all the features and functionalities of the Selection handles range; the Temptation range expands the possibility with the option to customize your handles with a two-color lacquered or anodized aluminum finish. Explore endless personalization options, including exclusive rose handles, with combinations of multiple finishes, textures, and colors. Add a sophisticated final touch to your project with highly customizable aluminum architectural solutions like the Temptation range. These handles are made from extruded aluminum and can be created with a lacquered or anodized surface finish and any of the colors we offer.

  • The Passion Range, blending luxury aesthetics with sublime finishes 

Elevate your project design to a new level with the Passion range of Technal handles. The Passion collection is designed to enhance your aluminum windows and doors with sleek, luxurious elegance. From exclusive rose handles to square or round solutions, give your clients the opportunity to fully express their design visions with the customization possibilities of this dynamic collection. The Passion range allows designers to pair all types of materials, such as stone, brass,

bronze, or stainless steel, with our aluminum product, creating truly unique handles to complement cutting-edge architectural design.

As a leading aluminum doors and windows supplier, Technal is proud to add the Exclusive Handles Collection to our standard handles range and general aluminum architectural solutions. We believe in creating the perfect design fusion for all building projects, and by creating more and more exciting, dynamic customization options, we are helping capture the visions of architects and designers worldwide. Create your perfect handle with us.

Technal is an industry-recognized aluminum doors and windows supplier and building specialist

At Technal, we believe in imagination without limits. We offer high-quality, innovative design and developmental solutions fuelled by an unwavering commitment to sustainability. With an expansive product range spanning doors, windows, pergolas, curtain walls, and facades, Technal’s aluminum solutions are built to fit your project requirements.

About our sustainability commitment

As we grapple with the global challenges of a changing climate, sustainable building solutions are the clear path forward in construction and development. At Technal, we understand the need for greener buildings that reduce impact, and that’s why we utilize Hydro CIRCAL recycled, low-carbon aluminum for our products. Hydro CIRCAL aluminum is developed with a minimum of 75% recycled, post-consumer aluminum scrap, creating a product that actively contributes to lowering carbon emissions while continuing to develop our built environments.

To learn more about Technal’s low-carbon Exclusive and Standard Handles collections and our sustainability approach, visit our website today. Reach out to us for a no-obligation quote with a quick turnaround time.