Adapting to the UAE Climate: The Benefits of Glass Railing Designs for Balconies and Stairs

The Benefits of Glass Railing Designs for Balconies and Stairs
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Adapting to the UAE Climate: The Benefits of Glass Railing Designs for Balconies and Stairs

When it comes to high-rise building design, whether in the UAE or globally, stair railings and glass balustrades are usually not the first things that come to mind. As often overlooked aspects of skyscrapers, they remain essential for both safety and bringing unique aesthetics, especially in an environment like the UAE’s where weather extremes are often the rule rather than the exception.

The GYPSE balustrade system from Technal is the perfect combination of beauty and durability, making it the ideal choice for glass railing designs for balconies and stairs in the high-rise buildings of the UAE. Here, we’ll examine what makes them the perfect candidates for withstanding the UAE climate while bringing a special design flair to the buildings they may be installed.

Glass Balustrades in the UAE – A Must-Have

Today, glass balustrades are a necessity in high-rise buildings, given their capacity to meld safety with visual appeal. Since glass is transparent, there are no obstructions in between, allowing you to enjoy the astounding view below. This is especially true in the UAE, where skyscrapers often use breathtaking design choices. In addition to this, glass balustrades give a sleek and modern look, which blends in perfectly with high-rise buildings.

At Technal, we have developed a glass balustrading system (GYPSE) that caters to the many requirements of different projects, whether new construction or renovation. With minimal sightlines and progressive architecture, GYPSE can be adapted to any type of architecture.

GYPSE: Flexible and Long-lasting

Our glass balustrading system (GYPSE) combines pure aesthetic appeal with minimalist design, featuring a “metal effect”. There are endless possibilities to tailor-make the railings to suit your requirements. This makes it apt for various projects, be it facade, atrium or otherwise. It is constructed in two types of posts: double and single.

Double Post: These are designed for architectural projects where the balustrade system is an active part of the facade or atrium. 

Single Post: These are better suited for residential renovation and provide a traditional aesthetic while ensuring the highest degree of durability and safety.

Elegant Design and Flexible Architecture

The design of GYPSE is one of simplicity and elegance. There are no visible fixings, giving it a very clean and sophisticated appearance. 

Infills and Profiles

A large number of infill types can be accommodated in the GYPSE system, such as glass, sheet metal and composite panels. The infill can be fixed on the outside face, inside face or in between the posts, if required, with added handrail provision. This added flexibility makes GYPSE an ideal solution for glass railing designs for balconies as well as glass stair railings.

In addition to this, GYPSE can be used as balcony separators and as swimming pool safety barriers. The diversity of materials (aluminum, wood, glass and composite panels) and their possible combinations allow creative freedom to add to the visual impact of any project.

Quality and Environment

GYPSE balustrading system is engineered to achieve top-class performance. It has been tested extensively to comply with the latest standards for horizontal load and glass infill. This makes our glass balustrades look good while also being strong and safe.

Some of the performance characteristics are:

  • Conforms to 78 PV testing (standard)
  • Various patents for innovative and reliable performance
  • Weather-tightness performance (a must for the UAE weather)

We at Technal pride ourselves on being sustainable. GYPSE uses friendly materials and production techniques. Recycled materials are used, and waste is minimized during the installation of our products.

Adapting to the UAE Weather

The weather in the UAE can be quite challenging, with extremely hot temperatures, humidity and sandstorms. Glass railing designs for balconies and stairs need to endure the harsh conditions without compromising on the overall aesthetic appeal and safety.

Thermal Break: Our glass balustrades provide excellent thermal break, reducing the heat transference on a building. This is a critical factor for high-rise buildings where rises in internal temperature can be a concern.

Weather Tight: The overall material selection and design of our GYPSE system provides exceptional resistance against environmental conditions. The superior quality of glass and aluminum makes certain that our balustrades stay as good as new, even under the most severe conditions.

Maintenance Free: Glass balustrades are very easy to clean and maintain, which is crucial for high-rise buildings in the UAE. The smooth surface of the glass and aluminum does not attract dust and debris, which lessens the need for maintenance.


Technal’s GYPSE balustrading system is the perfect combination of elegance and durability. In this age of progressive and sustainable architecture, our glass railing designs for balconies and stairs add to the overall aesthetic appeal of high-rise buildings while providing the necessary durability and performance to endure severe UAE weather.

With its elegant design, flexible architecture, and ability to adapt to the environment while being sustainable, Technal’s glass balustrades are perfect for modern-day skyscrapers in the UAE.