A Look at Technal's High-Performance Aluminum Sliding Doors for Saudi Arabia's Growing Market

Aluminum Sliding Doors for Saudi Arabia's Growing Market
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A Look at Technal's High-Performance Aluminum Sliding Doors for Saudi Arabia's Growing Market

As Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 takes the Kingdom toward a future of economic diversification and infrastructural magnificence, Technal stands at the forefront, ready to meet the burgeoning demands of luxury hotels and high-rise buildings with our innovative aluminum sliding doors. Our sliding doors, renowned for their aesthetic appeal, durability, and high performance, are perfectly suited to the dynamic and fast-evolving Saudi market.


Embracing Vision 2030 with Technal's Sliding Doors

Technal’s aluminum sliding doors personify luxury, functionality, and sustainability principles. As the Saudi Arabian market grows, driven by mega-events like Expo 2030 and the 2034 FIFA World Cup, the demand for high-quality, sustainable infrastructure solutions is at an all-time high. Our sliding doors are designed to meet these demands, ensuring that every structure we contribute to is visually stunning but also robust and efficient. Let’s take a closer look at some of our offerings.


Artline XL: Where Luxury Meets Performance

Among our standouts is the Artline XL sliding door system. It perfectly balances transparency and comfort, providing a series of benefits catering to the Saudi market's high standards. The Artline XL allows for the smooth movement of glass panels up to 1200 kg per pane, ensuring ease of use and structural integrity.


With thermal conductivity ratings below 1 W/m²K, these doors offer excellent thermal performance, making them suitable for the harsh Saudi climate. The impressive sealing performance—EN 12207 C3 for air permeability, EN 12208 E750 for water-tightness, and EN 12210 C3 for wind resistance—ensures that our doors can withstand the elements while maintaining energy efficiency. The Artline XL also boasts a design that integrates the frames into the masonry, allowing for an almost invisible frame that allows for a sleek, minimalist look.


TIGAL: Braving the Elements

Technal’s TIGAL sliding door system is designed for the future, addressing the challenges of urbanization and climatic changes. The need for innovative building solutions grows as the global population becomes more urbanized, with an estimated 70% living in cities by 2050. TIGAL maintains living spaces by offering large sliding doorways that extend onto terraces, maximizing indoor quality of life with superior acoustic performance and large glazed areas.


TIGAL is a hybrid solution that combines the advantages of a sliding door with the performance of a window. Its patented central sealing system guarantees exceptional water-tightness—up to four times better than traditional sliding doors. With high thermal performance and watertightness, TIGAL is equipped to resist adverse weather conditions, making it ideal for exposed sites in Saudi Arabia.


The meticulous design of TIGAL, featuring sleek lines and concealed hardware, ensures a balanced aesthetic. Its secure micro-ventilation system and smooth, silent operation enhance user comfort. Additionally, TIGAL is constructed from 70% recycled materials, including Hydro Circal, a low-carbon aluminum with a reduced CO2 footprint.


Lumeal: Minimalist Elegance

The Lumeal Minimal sliding system offers an exclusive design with an 8 to 14% gain in glass surface area, improving natural light and providing a sleek, minimalist appearance. Lumeal’s outstanding thermal performance and low air permeability make it a real solution for low-energy building projects in Saudi Arabia.


Lumeal supports large dimensions, with sizes up to 4.50 meters in width and 2.70 meters in height, and a maximum weight per leaf of 300 kg. The system's concealed drainage and slim central meeting stile increase aesthetics while ensuring functionality. It is also manufactured with Hydro Circal, made from at least 75% recycled end-of-life aluminum, highlighting Technal’s dedication to sustainability.


Soleal: Benchmark for Versatility

Technal's Soleal slider is a benchmark product suitable for new builds and renovations. With applications ranging from 2 to 4 tracks, internal or external corner solutions, and composite frames, Soleal offers flexibility for various project requirements. The system supports large sizes, with dimensions up to 4.3 meters in width and 2.6 meters in height, and a maximum weight of 200 kg per leaf.


Soleal is designed to meet market demands for thermal, weather, and acoustic performance, ensuring comfort and energy efficiency. The minimalist design, featuring sleek lines and concealed drainage, enhances the aesthetic appeal of any building.


Sustainability at the Core


In alignment with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, sustainability is a core focus at Technal. Our Hydro Circal aluminum alloy is a sustainable material that has helped us avoid 1.5 million tons of embodied CO2 emissions across more than 500 projects. Technal's focus on sustainability extends to our double-glazed sliding doors, which provide superior insulation and energy efficiency. These doors reduce energy consumption and enhance indoor comfort by minimizing noise and thermal fluctuations.


Meeting the Demands of Luxury and Performance


Technal's aluminum sliding doors are designed to meet the specific needs of luxury hotels and high-rise buildings in Saudi Arabia. Integrating large, super-jumbo panels up to 6 meters in height allows for grand, expansive views, creating an unmatched sense of space and luxury. These panels are engineered to ensure mechanical resistance against wind pressure, providing safety and durability.


Our sliding doors also feature advanced sealing systems that guarantee exceptional water-tightness and air permeability. This is crucial for buildings in Saudi Arabia, where weather conditions can be extreme. The high-performance sealing ensures that our doors maintain integrity and functionality regardless of external conditions.


Conclusion: Technal's Promise to Saudi Arabia


As Saudi Arabia continues its journey towards economic diversification and infrastructural growth, Technal remains a dedicated partner, providing high-performance aluminum sliding doors that meet the highest standards of luxury, functionality, and sustainability. Our products are not just about enhancing the visual appeal of buildings; they are about delivering practical, durable, and eco-friendly solutions that support the Kingdom's ambitious Vision 2030.


With our strong track record and deep technical expertise, Technal is well-positioned to contribute to Saudi Arabia’s rapidly growing market. Our aluminum sliding doors showcase our commitment to innovation and excellence, ensuring that every project we undertake is a step towards a brighter, more sustainable future for the Kingdom.


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