A Look at Sindalah Island: How Aluminum Windows Create the Indoor-Outdoor Experience

How Aluminum Windows Create the Indoor-Outdoor Experience
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A Look at Sindalah Island: How Aluminum Windows Create the Indoor-Outdoor Experience

A place where nature meets modern architecture and luxury meets sustainability – this is the promise of Sindalah Island, one of the three regions of Saudi Arabia’s megaproject NEOM. This premier island getaway is all about maximising the indoor-outdoor experience so that the charms of the outdoors can be enjoyed in the utmost comfort of well-designed indoor living spaces.

Aluminum windows are at the forefront of making this vision a stunning reality. Here’s how they fit into the master plan for this remarkable destination.

Letting sunlight in

Aluminum windows are known for their great let-in of natural light, which makes for bright, light-flooded interiors and contributes to the luxurious, open ambience of resorts and residences. Maximising glass surface area with the help of large aluminum window designs like Technal’s SOLEAL Next range helps let the sunlight in and reduces energy consumption on lighting.

Technal-designed SOLEAL Next windows meet the needs of architects with a variety of solutions that offer them as much creative flexibility as possible. These windows come in 1 and 2-leaf versions, as continuous horizontal windows, and in many other variations to fit any design scheme. The generous glass surface area and slim frames let daylight in to brighten indoor spaces all day long.

Creating an immersive view

Slim, elegant aluminum window frames make for full, uninterrupted views of the picturesque landscapes and seascapes that surround Sindalah Island, immersing its residents in nature. This is no accident – the ability to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of indoors is an important part of the master plan that aims to create a perfect balance between nature and the built environment.

Technal’s SOLEAL Evolution windows offer some of the slimmest frames in the market, which improve the full extent of the view and contribute to the modern, minimalist look of the design. The “clip-on-trim” minimal opening sash and the visible opening sash with a clearly defined structure offer the same generous glass surface with no obstructions to the view.

Whether residents enjoy the view from indoors or the expansive outdoor terraces and gardens, they can take in the beauty of this remarkable island at its best. Immersed in the view, yet always in touch with nature – this is the promise of aluminum windows for Sindalah Island.

Thermal insulation and energy efficiency

Sustainability is a key driver of development, and so is energy efficiency – the better the thermal insulation of buildings, the less the need for artificial heating and cooling, and the lower the energy consumption. Aluminum windows are very popular in modern architecture for their excellent insulation capabilities. Technal’s aluminum window designs feature high-tech thermal breaks that effectively prevent heat transfer and contribute to the thermal efficiency of the overall design.

SOLEAL Next windows achieve excellent thermal, acoustic and weather-tightness performances that comply with all relevant international regulations. They help maintain cool interiors in the hot summer months and provide enough warmth during the cooler season, so that artificial heating can be kept to a minimum. Less energy consumption will automatically translate to lower bills and contribute to the sustainability of Sindalah Island.

How Technal helps create the indoor-outdoor experience at Sindalah Island

As a leading architectural aluminum systems supplier, Technal plays an important role in delivering the vision of the indoor-outdoor experience at Sindalah Island. Our high-performance products perfectly meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of this sustainability project. Windows of this type—SOLEAL Next and SOLEAL Evolution—are top candidates for the job.

SOLEAL Next: The versatile window

The SOLEAL Next window gives architects plenty of creative flexibility with a wide variety of design and application possibilities in mind. The range includes visible and minimal windows and is available in casement windows, patio windows, continuous horizontal windows and many other variations. Effective thermal and acoustic insulation, as well as weather-tightness complying with the highest standards, ensure the highest level of user comfort.

SOLEAL Next windows at a glance:

  • Design flexibility: Extensive selection of minimal and visible frames and vents.
  • Large size: 65 and 75 mm modules, up to 3 m height, up to 69 mm glazing thickness.
  • Safety and accessibility: Burglary resistance, security glazing beads, and lowered thresholds for disabled use.
  • Sustainability: Hydro CIRCAL® aluminum alloy with a minimum of 75% recycled end-of-life aluminum, PVC-free components and fully recyclable.

SOLEAL Evolution: The versatile window

SOLEAL Evolution windows present a variety of solutions for different kinds of applications. The range includes visible and minimal windows and covers multiple applications from fixed frames to open-in and open-out windows, as well as special opening applications such as tilt/slide and pivot frames. The combination of technical performance and aesthetic appeal makes this range a stylish and modern solution for new builds as well as renovations.

SOLEAL Evolution windows at a glance:

  • Design variability: Various versions to suit all projects, including minimal and visible opening sashes.
  • Multiple applications: Fixed frame, open-in and open-out windows, composite assemblies, and more.
  • Performance: Thermal, acoustic and weather-tightness meeting present and future regulations.
  • Safety: Various locking combinations, fire safety applications and ease of opening and closing for user-friendliness.


Sindalah Island is raising the bar for luxury and sustainability, and aluminum windows are an integral part of that project. Maximizing natural daylight, offering expansive views, and being energy efficient and comfortable, aluminum window design helps to create flowing spaces between inside and outside.

Technal’s latest innovations, the SOLEAL Next and SOLEAL Evolution windows offer striking aesthetics for the island’s architecture as well as light, bright interiors which meet the developer’s sustainability objectives. As Sindalah Island progresses, it will no doubt encourage other developments to follow suit and pave the way to a greener, low-carbon future.