Technal’s Low Rise Glazing System is now Patented

The new MODAL low rise façade system from architectural aluminium glazing specialist, Technal, has received a European patent for its innovative and technically advanced design.

MODAL uses a completely unique modular framing system which gives specifiers the widest choice of configuration options currently available for low rise façades. It also radically reduces work on site – the framing modules are fully fabricated and assembled in the factory for better quality control, rapid installation and on-site glazing.

MODAL’s highly engineered profile clip and gasket system has now been patented. This intelligent design allows the framing modules to be clipped together without any mechanical fixings for an improved finish, time-saving installation and a greater variety of glazing combinations with fewer profiles – making it a more efficient and cost-effective façade solution.

The system also now has three further European patents for the aesthetic appearance of the profiles when assembled.

Specification options for MODAL include:


  • Double or tripled glazed units
  • Fixed lights
  • Integral opening vents
  • Integrated sliding windows and doors
  • Infill panels up to 70mm
  • Compositions such as vent over panel, vent over fixed light and glaze-in or glaze-out units within one framing module.


Fully tested to both BS EN 13830 for curtain walling and BS EN 14351-1 for windows, the MODAL system was developed by Technal to provide stylish, robust and high performance glazing for low rise applications such as schools and colleges, healthcare facilities, leisure and commercial projects.  Its range of module options allows more design flexibility for low rise façades than ever before.

Other innovative features of MODAL include:


  • A specially designed module that allows Technal’s sliding door and window system to be inserted into the MODAL frame, whilst still achieving 65mm sight lines for less visible aluminium and aesthetic appeal
  • Both glaze-in and glaze-out fixed lights that can be used on the same elevation without any alteration to the sight lines.  This offers maximum security and ease of glass replacement wherever needed on the façade
  • Integral open-in and open-out vents incorporated in the MODAL frame to minimise the visible aluminium and ensure consistent sight lines 
  • Suitability for new build and refurbishment. The standard 100mm module can be adapted to 115mm to accommodate refurbishment projects
  • Concealed drainage. There are no unsightly caps on the frame or the vents, making it ideal for school applications
  • Thermal efficiency. A highly efficient 30mm polyamide thermal break gives excellent thermal performance and Ucw values in a range of 1.0 to 1.75 W/m2K can easily be achieved
  • Exceeding Building Regulations. The system is pressure equalised, and is designed to optimise weather performance.  Importantly, it can also exceed the latest Building Regulations for thermal insulation
  • Spans.  The mullions can span up to two storeys with a wind loading of up to 1200 Pa and the transom spans can be up to 2m
  • Visual consistency.  Sight lines are consistent at 65mm across the range of options for an attractive, contemporary appearance
  • Full system compatibility.  MODAL is fully compatible with Technal’s high performance casement window suite and commercial door systems.


The system has its own exclusive handles, which are strong, secure, contemporary and ergonomic, and MODAL façades are available in a wide choice of finishes – single and dual colours, polyester powder coated, natural self-colour, anodised, and Cendré – Technal’s palette of exclusive flecked gloss colours.


For a copy of the specifier’s guide to MODAL, call 01924 232323, email, or it can be downloaded from

aluminium low rise glazing

aluminium low rise glazing