Technal Launches Brise Soleil Sun Shading System in the UK

Architectural aluminium façade specialist, Technal, has launched its new brise soleil sun shading system in the UK, which provides highly efficient solar control and the highest standards of architectural aesthetics.

Already used extensively internationally, the Suneal system is a multi-functional addition to the façade which will protect occupants from glare from the sun, control solar gain, optimise natural light and enhance any building envelope with its stylish appearance and visual appeal.

A highly sustainable solution which contributes to the thermal performance of a building, Suneal uses passive solar protection to reduce the reliance on mechanical cooling systems, generating reductions in energy consumption. It allows high levels of natural light into the building and has the option of fitting photovoltaic blades for the supply of renewable energy to the building whilst providing effective solar control.

Other options for Suneal include vertical, horizontal, fixed, motorised and elliptical blades, giving specifiers even greater freedom of expression and ensuring occupier comfort.  The blades can also be angled according to the orientation of the façade for maximum efficiency.

A wide choice of blade sizes is available for ease of specification and the option of automatic or manual rotating blades allows building occupiers to enjoy the benefits of solar gain in the winter months, protection from the sun in summer, and to finely control the levels of natural light.

This aluminium sun shading system is fully compatible with Technal’s new MODAL low rise glazing and its MX curtain walling suite – from a simple grid façade to beaded, structural sealant and roof glazing. It can be fixed directly to the curtain walling or to an independent structure whilst maintaining visual consistency, and louvre blades can be integrated with standard cladding.

Extensive tests have been carried out using a wind tunnel to develop sizing charts for Suneal according to a building’s orientation, location, wind pressure and snow loads – an invaluable aid to specification.  Further assistance with design and calculations can be provided by Technal’s technical team to meet specific project requirements and by using TechTouch – its dedicated energy simulation software package – to optimise solar gain and light transmission.

Suneal is easy to install by any Technal fabricator and is supplied in kit form to facilitate assembly and installation.

Finishes for Suneal are designed to complement any building envelope and include natural anodised aluminium, polyester powder coatings in a full range of colours, flecked gloss shades that are exclusive to Technal, and finishes that give the appearance of natural wood.

Aluminium brise soleil sunshading

Aluminium brise soleil sunshading

Aluminium brise soleil sunshading