Facade GEODE Mechanical Structural Glazing (Toggle)

Facade GEODE Mechanical Structural Glazing (Toggle) is a technical option allowing the realization of flush glass façades without additional frames bonded on the glasses. The glazed units are mechanically fixed to the aluminium structure with aluminium brackets.

The system requires for the vision fixed frames specific double-unit glass including a localized U profile integrated between the 2 glasses inside the silicone sealant. Fixed frames and openings with an infill of 36mm to 42mm for the vision parts. Spandrel panel with glasses of 6mm to 8mm and Aluminium Composite Panel of 4mm.

As the other GEODE systems, this kind of facade is available as a flat facade or faceted.

Simple and quick fabrication.

GEODE Mechanical Structural Glazing system is an economical alternative to the traditional flush facade for fixed parts. Dry sealant with EPDM gasket technique also available.

  • Glazing directly fixed on the structure without intermediate frame
  • No sticking on aluminium profile (cost) and no time for drying (delivery time)


A wet sealant (silicone) is applied on a gasket between the glazing volumes.

System compatibility

This facade can be mixed with Visible Grid and Trame allowing specifiers to vary easily the aesthetic of the building envelop. Insert profiles will allow the Technal door systems to be incorporated in the curtain wall grid.