Colours & Finishing

Within an architecture taking into account the impact of construction on the environment, the use of aluminum has three main qualities: it is sustainable, recyclable, and its rigidity allows the use of a minimum area for a mechanical performance. The offer of the 5 “Classics” colors meets the essential standards in the world of construction: they play on the white flakes or on the daring contemporary with natural aluminum.

In a game of shadow and light, the collection finishes Technal Exclusives, shows a more real metal back to the original material. The many variations of gray, blue, green, brown or rust-like material expression to the creative impulse can expose new associations.

Metallic effects - frosted, gray, grained, weathered - give aluminum metal unique effects.

The subtle references to nature, natural hues, tempered chips or raw, can escape the commonplace to design said. Want to create the beautiful, play the opposition between traditional and contemporary, investing opportunities aluminum material, playing the transition between the materials, this ambitious program of research on the treatment of surfaces, colors and shine of the aluminum material is exposed in this package.