SAPHIR window

Saphir window
Saphir window

A Traditionnal or thermally improved casement frame range.

The window system features elegantly curved profiles allowing architects to achieve a stylish accent for the building envelope.

Excellent thermal performance

The system incorporates an efficient 9mm flush polyamide thermal break

Visual appeal

Optional curved or angled beading can be specified to add interest to the façade, both internally and externally

Design detailing

The 52mm framing system uses profiles with three separate hollows for greater strength and insulation

Concealed drainage

Ducts within the sections offer improved drainage and specially designed profiles can be supplied to conceal drainage and remove the need for caps on the outer frame

Choice of glazing options

The system will accommodate 5mm to 35mm glazing units

Balcony door option

The balcony door configuration completes the window suite.