Museo del Ladrillo

An architectural masterpiece…
The Museo Del Ladrillo (Brick Museum), in La Plata in the province of Buenos Aires in Argentina, traces the history of Ctibor brick making which began in 1905.

Here visitors will discover its industrial activity, which can be found throughout the country, in a building which is a perfect blend of ancient and contemporary styles.
With its curtain wall Geode MX Trame Horizontale (which surrounds the “house of crystal”) and the sliding system Topaze GB installed by Orion Aluminio, the museum provides superb acoustics and warmth for visitors. Also, Geode’s technical characteristics have made it possible to install enormous glass panels (7m²) which support over 200kg in weight and also respect the aesthetics chosen by the designer.

With this project, Architect Guillermo Rùben Garcia has succeeded in creating a historic yet modern location, which is recognised as being part of the region’s architectural heritage.