Marina Bay Sands

Three towers in Singapore


(February 3, 2009) Marina Bay Sands will feature three 50-floor hotel towers, each with 1,000 rooms. And that's just for starters.  


Marina Bay Sands is described as a fully integrated luxury resort, whatever the term implies. In fact, it appears the six-million-square-foot project will integrate a little of just about everything, not least the waterfront promenade. When completed at the end of this year, Marina Bay Sands will offer:        

  • Civic space, including a museum and a convention centre
  • Outdoor areas, such as jogging paths and gardens
  • Multi-level retail space, two theatres, one casino
  • City skyline views


Technal, too


Marina Bay Sands will integrate Technal's aluminium building systems, too, through the Southeast Asia unit of Hydro Building Systems International. The Technal local unit is responsible for substantial window and facade - or, curtain wall - deliveries. These comprise about 25,000 square meters of GX31 sliding windows (Saphir range) and around 1,000 square meters of MX curtain wall (Geode range). Hydro's customers in Marina Bay Sands are BP Aluminium Pte Ltd in Singapore and Sincere Aluminium Works Sdn Bhd in Brunei. The latter is in charge of fabrication and installation.