A promising future for the TECHNAL brand in South Africa

The Technal brand which has a strong foothold in South Africa has every reason to count on a high level of future prospects with the creation of Technal Systems South Africa.

This joint venture brings together Hydro Building Systems International and Cyndara, one of South Africa’s leading aluminium system distributors and the current Technal licensee in South Africa. Cyndara’s shareholders are the Mazor Group, who operate businesses in steel and aluminium façade contracting as well as glass processing, and Hulamin, who operate aluminium rolling and extrusion businesses in South Africa.

The two entities have created a win-win partnership based on their respective expertise and on the products which have boosted the Technal brand's influence in the region. This contract was signed on 1st March 2012 at a very promising time due to the South African Government's introduction of a thermal regulations policy similar to the European standards system. "The call for tenders in South Africa now include façade and window thermal and air permeability requirements which demand high-performance aluminium systems.

Technal has been supplying these to the market for a long time" says Benjamin Fontaine, Hydro Building Systems International Licensees and Development Manager. "Johannesburg is a mainly tertiary market where the GEODE curtain wall is highly appreciated. It is available for many applications: SSG Structural Sealant Glazing, BG Beaded Glazing, grille, horizontal grid, etc. Further south, in Cape Town, the market has a high development potential, particularly in the top-of-the-range residential sector. In this sector the LUMEAL sliding windows, the SOLEAL casement windows and the NOTEAL shutters are greatly appreciated by architects.

Technal Systems South Africa will be able to react effectively to this promising market."