TECHNAL, “The world looks better”

This ambitious slogan will be the calling card - as of 2013 - of Technal. For the very first time since it started business over 50 years ago Technal has created a global communication concept with the intention of clearly explaining its intrinsic values to the world.


The global growth of this worldwide leader aluminium windows and facades manufacturer, which was born in France grew out into and Europe and then recently expanded even farther abroad into other countries with a high growth potential such as Latin America, the Middle East, India and South-east Asia.


Sharing the same passion for Contemporary Architecture, constantly challenging ourselves to give greater comfort and quality of life, fulled committed to protecting the environment

This global expansion has always been accompanied by a diversification and innovation strategy aimed at offering each market the products they need.  Its current product portfolio is, therefore, highly diverse. But the brand has always stayed firm to its own individual character, constructed out of a solid corporate culture and shared through the entire organisation.


The goal of the slogan “The world looks better” aims, therefore, to unify the communication in all markets and transmit the values that make up Technal’s true DNA: passion for contemporary architecture and timeless design, the painstaking search for user comfort and quality of life and finally our commitment to reducing energy consumption and our respect for the environment. Thanks to these values, Technal can openly communicate its desire for a world that looks better. On the one hand, the brand collaborates constantly with architects and designers to offer aesthetic solutions that help to improve urban landscapes surrounding us. On the other, final users every day enjoy more and more the company’s products that not only provide a optimum thermal and acoustic comfort, but also reduce the size of the aluminium frames and allow for a greater glass area, creating more natural light and improved views of the outside world. And, finally, the world will look better if all of us did our part to protect and conserve its health. Technal's commitment in this area involves taking aluminium recycling programmes very seriously, developing applications to create low energy consumption buildings (or with zero consumption) and get greater insulating features than those actually required by current laws.

“The world looks better” therefore is not a simple slogan, but a genuine declaration of principals by the brand in the whole world.


“The world looks better” therefore is not a simple slogan, but a genuine declaration of principals by the brand in the whole world.