All solar-protection solutions brought together in one range of products: SUNEAL

The SUNEAL aluminium brise-soleil system gives designers and occupants all the comfort they could possibly want in both winter and summer. The natural light is diffused with neither heat nor solar radiation, and the concept offers a graphic and aesthetic creativity that shows your façades off to their best advantage.

SUNEAL can be integrated into GEODE curtain walls and rooflights, and can also be added to independent structures. The range is rich and varied, and offers a multitude of different-shaped blades:
- from 100mm to 600mm
- “aeroplane wing”-shape, ogive-shape or rectangular
- horizontal or vertical
- fixed or movable
- can be motorised

The system can also be integrated into façades horizontally, on an offset structure, or as an awning with the use of cross-beams.

With the SUNEAL range, finding the right solutions for projects becomes that much easier and manufacturing is simplicity itself.