Topaze +



Topaze+ brings solutions for all the specific market needs. The combination of glazing up to 24mm and rollers up to 200 kg / sash make Topaze+ as the ideal solution for large dimensions windows and patio-doors. 







Attention to details


-Ergonomic “half-moon” with integrated handle allowing an easy use of the moving leaf

(Technal patent).


-Locks: 1-point thumb pull, up to 4-point. Locks with handle and key or lever thumb pull.


-Rollers. On the bottom rail, an aluminium, stainless steel or polyamide additional roller track guarantees the durability.

Topaze +

Various designs


As an alternative to the rounded design of sashes, Topaze+ offers a straight design version to meet the requirements of modern architecture… tidy aesthetic, and thin sections.