Topaze 20 mm


Complete range of sliding solutions from 1 to 4 rails for windows and patio-doors.
  • Rollers bearing up to
140 Kg per leaf.
  • Aluminium rails accommodating 1 to 8 leaves.
  • Acoustic performance up to 35dB (A) for the user comfort.
  • Maximum light
  • due to the very thin mullions.
  • 2 opening frame aesthetic
  • choices for a better integration in architectural styles.
  • Infill from 5mm to 20mm.

    Topaze sliding system

    Topaze 20 mm

    Topaze 20 mm

    Hurricane-proof central stiles

    -A complete lock offer. Single and double thumb pulls, with key, automatic lock (window), 3-point locks for more security, pull handle with thumb pull (window and patio-door).

    - Hurricane resistance (class 5), thanks to the combination of specific reinforced profiles. 

    -Reinforced mullions with high inertia enabling sliding doors up to 2.60m high.

    -Adapted to tropical areas : composition with Safetyline Jalousie, integration of louvers for ventilation and solar protection and fly screen integration.