Bullet-proof door




Very high ballistic performance

Aluminium or steel bullet proofing to suit the situation

Maximum dimensions : H 2.35 m x W 1.20m

Maximum weight : 240 kg with double chamber sections

Infill volume : from 17 to 66 mm


Several solutions available:


1 and 2 leaf door

1 leaf door with lateral and/or top fixed light

Inside and outside opening



 Cobalt Door



Cobalt bullet proof door

Product concept


63 mm- wide tubular fixed frame with supplementary rebate

63 mm wide tubular opening frame

Intermediate transom integration

Single or double row of bulletproof profiles integrated directly into fixed and opening sections

 Full or man-height bullet proofing



 COBALT door commercial documentation.pdf


 COBALT door specifications.pdf

Cobalt door offers finally certified performances


Ballistic performances according to standards EN1522 and EN1523

Class FB2 – 9 mm automatic pistol –CEBTP n°BB224.3.005

Class FB3 – 357 Magnum – CEBTP n°BB224.3.005

Class FB4– 357 and 44 Magnum – CEBTP n°BB224.1.166 A

Class FB5– 5.56 assault rifle – CEBTP n°BB224.1.166

Class FSG –12/70 hunting rifle – CEBTP n°BB224.1.166 A