TITANE 65 Door: High resistance door

Its promise is the future

Made from a 65 mm module, the TITANE thermal break door is fitted with a high-resistance hinge system: stainless steel pivot fully integrated into the door module.
The TITANE door aesthetic is meticulously prepared: straight and refined lines, no visible lift-off hinges, hidden hinges, door spring flush mounted in the opener transom.

Security is enhanced by integrating vital functions such as the security bolt, the door spring, the locks and the electro-magnetic closures. All these components are concealed in the door to enhance its aesthetic character, but also to avoid any risk of common vandalism.

With in-test endurance over more than 1 million cycles for the large version (3 m high and 1.4 m wide per leaf), the TITANE door is ideal for heavy use buildings such as administrative buildings, apartment entrances, but also for department stores, schools,
offices, etc.

Titane 65, a versatile door able to respond to any project:

  • Heavy use
  • Large versions
  • Ease of maintenance
  • After-sales intervention without door removal
  • Access control by electro-magnetic closure coupled to a lock
  • Withstands common vandalism
  • Break-in delay, level 2 and 3 resistance level (current) for greater security
  • Frontage or façade integration
  • Level 1 or 2 anti-finger trap version
  • Assembly with or without a threshold for buildings frequented by persons with reduced mobility