A law specific to France’s Overseas Départements has now been in force since 1st May 2010: it concerns Thermal, Acoustic and Ventilation Regulations (or “RTAA” regulations as they are known under their French abbreviation). The aim of these regulations is to limit the use of air conditioning, to provide acoustic comfort and to favour natural ventilation.

Technal has been working in France’s Overseas Départements for over 25 years and today offers a wide variety of solutions through our Solar Protection products and our TOPAZE range of windows and pivot doors, which allow us to efficiently comply with these new regulations.

The SUNEAL brise-soleil range, which is aimed at building exteriors and in particular glass façades, combines both design and solar protection [see the SUNEAL article], as do the SAFETYLINE Jalousie range, which provides obscuration for buildings in the tertiary and residential sectors, and the NOTEAL Shutter range, which provides total or partial obscuration [see the NOTEAL article].
The joinery products for the TOPAZE range (sliding systems, windows and pivot doors) also include solutions that are particularly suited to tropical zones.

This law paves the way for 50% of energy consumption to be obtained from renewable sources by 2020, and 100% by 2030.



Take a look at the RTAA brochure by clicking here