Technal expands its curtain wall offer with a 2nd technical solution to produce smooth 100% glazed curtain walls: MX SG

This new technical option is easier to install, thus reducing installation time. There is no bonding onto an aluminium strip and silicone drying time is not required. Glazing is fixed mechanically to the supporting aluminium structure without an intermediate frame.
MX SG is a real economic alternative to the conventional Structural Sealent Glazing solution (MX SSG).

MX SG technology allows the production of fixed glazed light panels and concealed top-hung, Italian-style opening sashes, in addition to the integration of simple glazing opaque fixed frames or composite aluminium light panels.


As with all Geode curtain wall applications, the MX SG solution is fully compatible with other aspects of the visible Grid type curtain wall or horizontal or vertical Trame allowing architectural solutions to be varied on a building.


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