focuses on Customers

TECHNAL has one of the largest Customers network of skilled metal builders across the region (commonly known in the industry as aluminium fabricators), all fully supported technically, commercially and logistically, ensuring best and consistent services are delivered and stringent international standards and norms are met.


TECHNAL proposes numerous supports to its Customers, including an on-going training and workshop programmes, factory and site audits, technical assistance etc… all to guarantee the quality achievement of manufacturing and installation.


Our Customers can rely on a strong TECHNAL logistics operation that includes a sizeable integrated Central Distribution Warehouse, which delivers all products to every country consistently and on time.




TECHNAL offers the TECHNAL TechDesign® estimation software. TechDesign® is an essential aid to creative design and drawings, as well as to professional tender documents. It helps TECHNAL® Customers to calculate precisely all types of architectural aluminium applications for windows, doors, façades, skylights, balustrades, internal office partitions etc… and outputs quotations, estimation sheets, 2D & 3D viewing, DXF cross-sections, etc….

The approach is trusted and well perceived by Architects, Contractors, Developers, home Owners, end-users and TECHNAL metal builders, resulting in lasting and mutually beneficial business relationships in every country.