DOMAL 40 Sliding system

Domal 40 sliding system offers various types of constructions such as:

  • 2, 3 and 4 windows and doors on 2 or 3 tracks
  • 6 sash windows and doors on 3 tracks
  • Mosquito mesh solution
  • Horizontal sliding window solution

The shutters slide open or close horizontally. Available in two-tracks option with mosquito mesh.


  • 45 degree joints specially secured by captive die cast cleats which provide excellent rigidity to corner joints
  • Infill glass can be single or double glazed (thickness can vary from 5 to 19 mm)
  • Wider track with polyamide rollers, tested at 90kgs load from 10.000 cycles for enhanced life
  • Siliconized EPDM gaskets for excellent air and water tightness
  • Nylon shutterpyle for protection against dust ingress
  • No rattling sound at high wind speed
  • Counter sunk handles for profiles for better aesthetics
  • Wider track and deeper gutter for water drainage and easy maintenance
  • Theft guard provide against lifting of shutter from outside
  • Excellent insulation and sound reduction