Opale Partition

Opale Partition

Opale Partition

Most of aluminium profiles are common enabling thus a wide range of architectural effects and a simple management of constituent elements.

All solutions are possible

Full height wood or glazed module, Japanese claustras with multi-transoms.

Large choice of infills that can be mixed : glass, wood, laminate or plasterboard. Manual or power-operated blinds.

Specific plinths, transoms and mullions enabling electrical wiring integration.

This partition is very simple and rapid to implement. A reduced tool offer enables optimized fabrication of partition modules and internal doors (a template tool and a Perfopack).


European Technical Agreement (ETA-07/0308) and CER.F.F N°C .07-433 validating plan modifications and module interchangeability with compensation of gaps in ground/ceiling / wall of +/- 12,5 mm i.e 50mm as a maximum.

Acoustic performance

U rail full panel partition => 42 dB (N°2312.6.575)

U rail plaster coated panel partition => 44 dB (N°2312.6.575)

U rail 2 sides 44.2 glazing on solid panel => 41 dB (N°2312.6.575)

U rail 1 side 44.2 glazing on solid panel => 35 dB (N°2312.6.575)

Mechanical stability

(shock resistant without permanent distortion or surface deterioration)

Soft and rigid body shock resistant (CER.F.F. n°07-412)

Horizontal application resistant (CER.F.F. n°07-412)


Endurance test 60 000 cycles (open/close with a 80 kg per leaf)

Opale range proposes different types of internal doors:

  • Wood door (40 mm
  • Safety-glass door (6,8 or 8,8 mm)
  • Aluminium door

Opale internal doors come in a variety of forms:

  • Side-hung door with reversible hinges and ergonomic handles
  • Full-access sliding door is a top hung door without any rail in the ground that retracts between the 2 sides of the partition for a total opening
  • 1 or 2 leaves
  • With or without fixed ligh
  • Lock