Facade GEODE Flat cap

The flat cover is a new solution combining the technical and economic benefits of GEODE continuous pressure plates with the visual aspect of Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG).

The flat cap solution

is based on MX Acoustic and enables glazing infills up to 42mm.

  • Visual aspect:
    real alternative in the search for a flat facade with a full glass appearance
  • Dimensions of the aluminium cap:
    48mm wide & 4.5mm thick
  • Thermal performance:
    up to Ucw = 1.1 W/m².K due to the thermal break
  • Maximum weight:
    up to 300kg per glazing unit
  • Simplified fabrication:
    no more intermediate frame, bonding or drying time
  • Easier replacement of glazing

Main features

  • Straight façade
  • 90°-135° angles
  • Concealed SSG top hung
  • Soleal integration