Facade GEODE 62 MM

A larger glass dimensions

GEODE 62 gives specifiers the option of a 62mm module for the GEODE Visible Grid vertical façade to allow glazed units in larger sizes to be accommodated, maximising natural light.


The maximum weight is 600 kg per transom where the half perimeter is between 5m and 7m.

Profile options

GEODE 62 is available in three mullion/ transom sizes - 80mm, 140mm, and 200mm boxes.

Simple application.

This design option uses one pressure plate, one horizontal and one vertical cap, and will accommodate 8mm to 44mm glazing as a flat façade.

Concealed vent options

Structurally bonded top hung concealed vents can be supplied for 36mm and 42mm glazing.

Additional reiforcement

There is also the option of steel reinforcements to further strengthen the curtain wall.

System compatibility

Insert profiles will allow the Technal commercial door systems and casement windows to be incorporated in the curtain wall grid