Facade GEODE SSG - Structural sealant glazing



GEODE Structural Sealant Glazing (SSG) responds to the demand to create flush glass façades with visibly less aluminium. The glazed units are bonded onto the carrier frame with one or two-part silicone.

This curtain walling application uses the same grid system as Beaded Glazing, Trame and Visible Grid aspects, allowing specifiers to vary the aesthetics of the building envelope without the need for additional interface detailing and construction.

Reassuring quality.

The system is manufactured in controlled factory conditions by an approved bonding specialist to certified standards..

Patented design.

A patented ‘hook and toggle’ system facilitates installation.

Weather performance.

The external edges of the glazed units are arissed and a 2mm step to the outer pane allows standing water to drain away for improved weather performance.

Bespoke gasket.

A specially designed EPDM perimeter frame gasket is fitted to every frame.

Glazed units and infills.

GEODE SSG can accommodate 6mm, 23mm or 31mm structural sealant glazing.
Flat and faceted façades.
Available as a flat façade or faceted up to ± 5º.

Flat and faceted façades.

Available as a flat façade or faceted up to ± 5º.


The glass is supported by a glass security support at each corner of the carrier frame which allows a maximum glass weight of 200kg per frame.

Specification options.

A choice of fixed lights, top hung open-out and tilt/turn concealed vents and fireman access are available.