PPm door

PPm door

Sober lines and smooth operations

PPM range is a folding door system adapted to configurations requiring wide opening. It exists in two versions, suspended or supported in 3, 4 or 6 leaves.


Simplicity : opening frame – 34 mm module, fixed frame – 44 mm module

Infill volumes: from 6 to 20 mm

Weight : up to 40 kg per leaf for a suspended folding door and 60 kg for a supported folding door

Endurance: 18,000 opening cycles for a 3 leaf door.

PPM door offers sober lines and smooth operation for a maximum opening. It is ideal for shops, malls, bars, restaurant, conservatories, etc.

Product concept

42x52 mm open profiles, 55x44 mm lateral mullion, adjuster clip to ensure tightness at the top of the rail, roller rail for suspended version or guide rail for supported version.

The ergonomics of the handles and the guiding system make it very easy to open and close the leaves

In supported version, in the bottom part of the door, a carriage mounted on needle bearings slides in the threshold section

In suspended version, a hinge fitted with guiding rollers slides in the rail section.

Jackscrews positioned on the guiding rail absorb the differences in ground level.