SOLEAL window

SOLEAL casement frame

SOLEAL casement frame

Many years of research have led TECHNAL to design a scalable core product for windows and patio-doors for use in residential and office buildings:

a universal 55 mm modular system, approved following technical evaluation, allowing the creation of fully insulated composite assemblies incorporating any kind of opening: French window, turn/tilt, bottom-hung, top-hung, projecting, emergency access.

A new design approach which concentrates on minimising the impact of the aluminium structure is one of the fundamental aspects of the SOLEAL range. Designed from a 55 mm module with glass thickness capacity of up to 42 mm, SOLEAL is available in two casement styles: Minimal and Visible.

The Minimal sash is a concealed thermal break casement with fine, minimalist lines, and sharp, clean angles reminiscent of steel frame construction, and perfectly suited to the service sector.

The Visible sash is ideal for individual and collective residential buildings. It features straight lines, creating a clean, restrained look.

Maximum dimensions for Minimal sash or Visible sash versions: W 1, 30 m x H 2, 25 m.

Sealing is ensured by a wrap-around central gasket with corner pieces for optimum sealing by injection of butyl rubber.

Coloured accessories

All accessories are available Technal white (BLC), black, natural anodised, stainless steel type and Technal colour range.

The design of handles for windows and patio-doors with locks are exclusive Technal models


SOLEAL thermal performance:

  • Uw = 1, 5 W/m2.K with double glazing
  • Uw = 1, 4 W/m2.K with triple glazing

Acoustic attenuation of 40 dB (RA, tr) for a single window.

Slim-line visible masses increase light with a solar factor of Sw = 0,44.