E...TCETERA July 2015 N°13


Ary Payet School, Reunion island, France
Aluminium, wood and colours

STUDYINGCan colour be a material? This is what the façades of Ary Payet* school seem to be saying, with its wooden and aluminium components treated in their natural finish, while modern composite materials create a vertical interplay of colours that punctuate the technical rhythm of the building.


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E...TCETERA February 2015 N°12


Sibu, Malaysia
A futuristic architecture close to its roots

The University College of Technology Sarawak (UCTS) in Sibu, in the heart of the island of Borneo, opened two years ago. The architecture reflects the scientific and technological nature of the teaching programmes that take place in a setting resolutely focused on sustainable development, as revealed by the 104 SUNEAL brise-soleil that adorn the grand entrance. A first in the area!

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E...TCETERA Novenber 2014 N°11


Libreville, Gabon
Onomo International develops its hotel concept in Gabon

The Onomo 3 star hotel in Libreville was designed by Ivorian architects Guillaume Koffi and Issa Diabaté. It is built around two large patios which act as the "lungs of the project", to borrow the words of Guillaume Koffi. "These internal gardens can be seen from each area of the hotel: common areas such as the lobby, lounge, restaurant and meeting rooms, as well as from the privacy of one's room. Around these gardens are built the 118 rooms of the hotel, spread across two levels. Each room features a terrace/balcony. "

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E...TCETERA July 2014 N°10


Marrakesh, Morocco
TOPAZE sliding doors for the Royal Palm hotel

The Domaine Royal Palm Marrakech is the first project outside of the Indian Ocean region for Mauritian group Beachcomber. It consists of spacious villas and suites ranging in area from 72 m² up to 620 m² for the Villa Royale. Mauritian architect Jean-François Adam designed the block plan with a central axis leading to a belvedere overlooking the golf course and the Atlas mountains. On either side of this view point are the Hotel and the Country Club. The hotel entrance is high up, accentuating the grandeur of the place and opening up the panorama. Each suite or villa offers unobstructed views of the golf course and the snow-capped Atlas mountains.

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E...TCETERA February 2014 N°9

Quemado hotel complex, Al Hoceima, Morocco
Blending into exceptional surroundings

The Quemado hotel complex, built in the Al Hoceima bay, in the heart of Moroccan Rif, comprises 48 two or three bedroom apartments with lounge and kitchen spread across 3 three to five floor buildings on a plot measuring more than 13 ha, plus a hotel with around 100 rooms...

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E:XTRA Batimat


Comfort and Design in the TECHNAL City

With over 350,000 visitors at Batimat 2013, this year Technal had another chance to show its product range and latest innovations to a large audience...

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E...TCETERA September 2013 N°8

... WORKING - Rennes, France
A glass envelope with constantly changing reflections

The Biotrial pharmacology research laboratory hired architect Jean-Pierre Meignan to design this 6000 m² building. "I created an object-architecture in such a diverse, dynamic research environment, combining discretion and protection with the spirit of discovery and openness. Every day the building feels different, depending on where you are and when. I also wanted to create a building filled with light to improve user experience." Jean-Pierre Meignan's design is a full-height glass envelope with no intermediate transoms, which required interior guardrails for the openings, initially casement windows. ...

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E...TCETERA June 2013 N°7

... WORKING - Xalapa court, Mexico
A balanced architecture

Situated on one of the highest hills in the Animas region, the Federal Court of Fiscal and Administrative Justice in Xalapa, capital of the state of Veracruz, comprises three superimposed sections. The first, which is half underground, serves as the court platform. The second, on the ground floor, opens onto two large patios which offer natural light and ventilation and allow the building's functional connections to be seen from outside. Finally, a third parallelepiped sits perpendicular to the base of the ground floor and cantilevered so that the two ends hang over the empty space...

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E...TCETERA March 2013 N°6

... RENOVATING - Abidjan, Ivory Coast
Comfort and transparency

Architect Benié Adou redesigned an emblematic 70s-style villa comprising concrete rectangles offset to create 3 half levels. “The analysis of the design of this beautiful example of architecture revealed that its creator had probably considered the possibility of raising the height. I pursued this idea of raised height and created an extension to the left of the existing structure. As the living room proved quite small, I built a large “table” (16m x 9m top and 3m high resting on 4 posts and two 14m beams).

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E...TCETERA December 2012 N°5

... LIVING  - Le François, Martinique, France
A contemporary take on a Creole theme

Built on an outstanding site on the windward coast, this villa covering more than 700 m² is broken down into relatively separate, airy spaces on a plot measuring 3675 m². The way in which the rooms, doors and window openings are arranged offer the occupants “slideshow” views of the islands and the Atlantic ocean. Views which change from one room to the next. The finest views are available through the huge glazed areas in the lounge (6.50 m) and the master bedroom (4.50 m), where the understated TOPAZE + pocket windows slide away neatly into the walls, so as not to get in the way of the scenery.

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E...TCETERA September 2012 N°4

... ENJOYING  - Jany Swimming Pool and Ice Rink, Toulouse, France
Hot and cold blow on GEODE

The Alex Jany Sports Complex in Toulouse has an indoor swimming pool with two pools of 25 m and 15 m, a paddling pool and outside beaches, and a 60 m ice rink which can seat 900 spectators. All the project's functional elements (reception hall, stairways, walkways, gangways and furnishings) are in the separation between the ice rink and the swimming pool whose volumes and lines are in permanent tension: curves and round countours for the ice rink covered with vertical wood cladding, straight lines disappearing into the backlighting of the natural light for the rectangular volume swimming pool, the contrasts seem to blow hot and cold.


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E...TCETERA May 2012 N°3

... GREEN  - The French Lycée in Dakar wins the 2012 AFEX* Prize

The jury of the 2012 AFEX* Prize for French architecture worldwide met on 29 March in Paris and awarded the prize to the Jean-Mermoz French Lycée in Dakar (Senegal). This operation's program covers the whole of the education sector, from nursery level to the baccalaureate and includes a large number of sports facilities. 2,400 pupils of forty nationalities and their teachers, and the administrative staff share 17,000 m² of buildings and 40,000 m² of grounds...


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E...TCETERA March 2012 N°2

... LIVING - Singapore
Sliding doors 3.4 m high!

Vento Systems Pte Ltd supplied and installed Topaze+ Sliding Doors for one villa totally open to the light. This is a first of in Singapore with sash dimension 3.4m (H) x 2m (W). To emphasize their point, Vento Systems along with Technal, had presented a full-scale prototype which immediately convinced the customer...

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E...TCETERA January 2012 N°1

... STUDYING - Kourou, French Guiana
1200 louvers and 85000 m of fixed slats for the Vocational Secondary School

The Elie Castor Secondary School in Kourou has over 800 pupils divided into four training paths installed in separate buildings. The 80-place boarding section residence, the sports hall and the administrative services are also in independent buildings. The Guiana Regional Council wished to build an attractive, functional and scalable school integrating the current environmental quality requirements and meeting the thermal and climatic standards...

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