Luxury villa by Technal…

The company Induca has manufactured and installed Technal joineries in a luxury villa in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic.
The company is generally positioned in the tertiary building market, but is now moving into the luxury individual residential market segment in conjunction with Technal.

The Spanish architect Vanessa López, from the Euroamykasa company in Madrid, designed this villa in a modern, uncluttered style: rectangular shapes, large glazed areas, sober colours, etc. Design and luxury are the key words for describing this villa’s soothing atmosphere.

The Saphir and Galène ranges, equipped with thermal breaks, are in complete harmony with this concept and have therefore been chosen to equip this luxury villa. FXi was used for the casement windows, and GXi and GTi were implemented for the sliding windows, including one 4-sash GTi frame measuring 6m x 2.4m… which offers an exceptional influx of natural light.

Induca is currently carrying out a second project of the same type in La Romana, also in the Dominican Republic, which uses 20-metre-long Technal GTi sliding windows. Another project is also being studied with a French architect living in the Dominican Republic.