Seminars in South East Asia

HBS South East Asia organized a seminar on Technal products in Kuala Lumpur on Monday 24th November 2008 in the Convention Centre. We welcome 51 attendants: top consultants, architects, property developers, representatives from ministry of construction and metal builders. The seminar was a great success. We will be arranging some specialized seminars in consultants and architects offices as per their respective requests.  HBS South East Asia organized a seminar on Technal products  in Hanoi on November 2008. The seminar was held in Daewoo hotel (one of the largest hotels in Hanoi). Around 250 persons attended the Technal presentation (investors, architects, consultants) This seminar marked a signing ceremony of partnership between Technal and Euro Windows. Technal team did a presentation on the latest curtain technologies incorporating solar panels to achieve green buildings.