Police headquarters, Madrid

A new police headquarters in Madrid is the latest architectural landmark in the city. With its transparent design created from extensive use of the GEODE-MX curtain walling system, the building aims to change the relationship between this important organisation and the community it serves.


The scheme in the El Pardo district takes the form of a stunning glass and aluminium cube. A series of cantilevered glass fronted ‘boxes’ protrude from the envelope, breaking up the façade and creating a number of raised terraces and patio areas.


From a distance, the facility has a clean but bold appearance and from the inside, it offers impressive views of the city for its occupants and users. 


A Double Skin Façade for Privacy, Solar Shading and Uninterrupted Views


The Fuencarral-El Pardo police building has a double skin envelope which comprises an inner glass façade constructed from our aluminium GEODE-MX curtain walling.  Anodised aluminium panels form the outer skin. These mesh screens have random perforations to help control the depth of field and light penetration, providing a degree of privacy and solar shading during the day, whilst allowing uninterrupted views out. 


At night, the building glows with light to reveal its inner functions to the outside world.  The space between the curtain walling and the mesh screens provides a ventilated service area running around the whole perimeter of the building for cleaning, maintenance and as an additional measure to conserve energy.  The overall effect is of a spectacular and constantly changing façade.



Low Maintenance and Aesthetic Qualities


The Technal curtain walling was selected for its low maintenance, durability, aesthetic and environmental qualities.  Natural ventilation is provided by concealed opening vents inserted into the curtain wall.


The 6,800 sqm scheme also features a large full height atrium at its centre, which unifies its different functions and spaces, and the public and restricted areas of the building.  All interior partitions are glazed to allow light to transfer through the entire building and amplify the feeling of transparency between staff and visitors.                                           

Traditionally, police buildings are developments that are closed off to the public. This project is set back from the site boundary, leaving space for a new urban square that encourages pedestrian access and promotes the theme of openness. 


A Consistent Appearance Across the Range of Options


The GEODE-MX curtain walling suite uses constant 52mm sight lines to create a uniform appearance across a comprehensive range of design options – low to high rise curtain walling, visible grid, ribbon, structural, beaded, faceted, acoustic, and sloped glazing.


This high performing façade solution has all the advantages of one fully integrated system – consistent interfaces, simplified specification, ease of fabrication and installation, cost efficiency and reduced time on site. 


All the options in the GEODE-MX suite have been rigorously tested to BS EN standards for wind resistance, water tightness and air permeability.



Photography – © Angel Baltanas/Voluar Arquitectura