SOLEAL high performance window

A Technically Advanced Window System for Contemporary Fenestration Design

The SOLEAL high performance window is Technal’s most innovative window system to date, bringing a host of technical advancements and design features that will enhance almost any fenestration project.

It offers:

  • Exceptional security, thermal, acoustic and weather performance
  • Unparalleled aesthetics
  • One single system available in numerous configurations.

Architect: Manuelle Gauterand Photography : Vincent Fillon

Architect: Manuelle Gauterand Photography : Vincent Fillon

Logo PDF For further specification information, you can download the SOLEAL window technical brochure here

A Fresh, Modern and Intelligent Window Solution

SOLEAL uses a 65mm deep profile and common components to give architects, contractors and fabricators the benefit of an extensive choice of construction options, combined with ease of specification and maximum efficiency in manufacturing.

It is available in two distinctive casement styles for even greater design freedom:

  • A stylish ‘visible’ opening frame with an infill of up to 52mm for a contemporary finish
  • A patented ‘minimalist’ opening frame with slim, subtle sight lines to reduce the visible aluminium and a glazing infill of up to 42mm.


Soleal Minimal


Soleal Visible

Applications for SOLEAL include education and healthcare buildings, apartments, office schemes, retail developments, sports centres and custodial facilities.

SOLEAL – Key Features and Innovations

  • Outstanding thermal performance - a 24mm double glazed unit with a typical window size of 1.25m x 1.48m can achieve Uw values as low as 1.3w/m2K
  • Robust construction - the system is sufficiently robust to facilitate large sizes of up to 2.5m x 1.4m; weighing up to 160kg
  • Concealed drainage - on both the opening and fixed frames, removing the need for unsightly caps
  • Concealed tilt/turn hinge option - an important feature to improve safety for education, health and custodial projects and to create a high standard of aesthetics with attractive, clean lines
  • A choice of secure locking systems - up to 6 point, and with or without key operation according to the level of security required
  • Cill and trim options - cills can be specified in different styles and clip-on trims can be supplied to enhance the ‘minimal’ opening frame option
  • Easy access balcony doors –  a specially-designed low threshold for ease of access whilst ensuring optimum weather resistance
  • Attractive, robust and ergonomic window handles –
    exclusive to Technal, the handles can be anodised or finished in a full range of colours to complement the window profiles and can be adapted for use on doors and sliders to provide consistency through a project
  • Anticipating future regulations – SOLEAL meets the BS EN 14351-1 standard for windows and doors, and is designed in line with current building standards and to anticipate future requirements
  • High levels of security – the system is fully tested in accordance with the European standard BS EN-1627-30 achieving RC2 for burglar resistance for further reassurance and security
  • Balanced aesthetics – the two leaf opening option benefits from a centred handle.


SOLEAL is a complete window system which gives architects and contractors the flexibility to meet project-specific requirements and to have a number of visually-consistent window types on a single building. The configurations include:

  • Composite or ribbon glazing with fixed, transom or side lights
  • Curtain walling inserts
  • Balcony doors, both inward or outward opening
  • Top, side and bottom hung windows, either projecting or on butt hinges
  • Vertical or horizontal pivots with an option of concealed or visible pivot mechanisms
  • Tilt/slide and tilt/turn windows
  • Parallel opening windows for optimum ventilation
  • Single and double leaves for both windows and balcony doors.

Soleal Minimal

Open-in, double vent, concealed hinges

Soleal Minimal

Open-out configuration

Patented Design

Four patents have been awarded for innovative window design. These are for the modular door locking system for the balcony door, the clip-on trim for the ‘minimal’ option, the turn-around gasket, and the expanding corner cleat which offer improved performance and manufacture. Two further patents are pending for aesthetic quality.

Thermal Performance

Uw: window thermal loss
Sw: Solar factor
LTw: Light transmission

Weather performances

Frame under ITT (Initial Type Test)  
Special Openings
Size H x W in m
H x W
Report nº
Q4  Q100  
Horizontal pivot (visible pivot) 1.7 x 2 A3   E8A   VC4 404/12/276-4 FCBA 0.41 3.54
Vertical pivot (concealed pivot) 2.2 x 1.8 A4   E6A   VC4 404/12/413-5 FCBA 0.08 0.72
Visible Open-in
1 leaf Tilt/Turn window 1.6 x 1.2 A4   E1050   VC4 404/12/111-1 FCBA 0.06 0.52
1 leaf Tilt/Turn window 1.6 x 1.2 A4   E1050   VC5 404/11/231-2 FCBA 0.06 0.53
2 leaves balcony doors 2.25 x 1.6 A4   E9A   VC2 404/11/231-1 FCBA 0.28 2.4
1 leaf balcony door with side light 2.25 x 2 A4   E9A   VB3 404/12/461-3 FCBA 0.08 0.65
Visible open in-Concealed fittings
1 leaf Tilt/Turn window 1.8 x 1.3 A4   E1200   VC4 404/14/29-1 FCBA 0.063 0.54
1 leaf Tilt/turn balcony door 2.5 x 1.4 A4   E1200   VC4 404/14/29-3 FCBA 0.015 0.13
Minimal Open-in
1 leaf Tilt/Turn Window 1.6 x 1.2 A4   E750   VC4 404/12/111-2 FCBA 0.03 0.28
1 leaf balcony door with side light 2.25 x 2 A4   E9A   VB3 404/12/461-1 FCBA 0.02 0.15
Visible Open-out W x H Classification      
Top-hung (butt hinge opening frame’s dimensions) 1.5 x 1.4 A4   E1050   VC4 404/12/276-3 FCBA 0.02 0.19
Projecting top hung 1.8 x 1.6 A3   E1050   VC4 404/12/276-1 FCBA 0.07


Acoustics Performances



Frame size W x H (1480 x 1230)
Configurations Glazing Seal
Glazing performance alone Window performance
RW (C;Ctr) RA RA,tr RW (C;Ctr) RA RA,tr
Soleal Visible                
1 leaf tilt/turn VOF 6-16-10   37 36 34 38 (-2;-3) 36 35
1 leaf tilt/turn VOF 44.1 sil-16-12 x 46 44 40 44 (-2;-5) 42 39
Tilt/turn VOF 88.1-20-66.2 x 54 53 49 46 (-1;-3) 45 43
Soleal Minimal        
1 leaf tilt/turn MOF 6-16-10   37 36 34 37 (-1;-3) 36 34

MOF = Minimal Opening Frame
= Visible Opening Frame


The SOLEAL high performance window suite is fully compatible with other Technal façade products, including MODAL low rise glazing, GEODE-MX curtain walling and the SOLEAL door system for seamless interfaces, ease of specification, cost efficiency, and consistency in appearance.