Low Rise Glazing

Simplicity, Innovation and Performance

MODAL is the new, cost-effective and high performance aluminium modular framing system which is set to revolutionise low rise glazing.

Developed by Technal, this framing system is ideal for a wide range of single and two-storey applications – from schools and colleges to healthcare facilities, retail projects and other building types.

MODAL - low rise aluminium glazing

MODAL - low rise aluminium glazing

MODAL is a unique, rapid build solution, which combines exceptional design detailing, quality components, and an advanced yet simple modular system to add value to a building project by offering:

  • Robust and durable low rise glazing
  • Faster installation
  • Reduced work on site and earlier completion
  • Greater quality control
  • Enhanced aesthetics
  • Unrivalled design flexibility
  • Superior thermal efficiency
  • Additional acoustic performance
  • Suitability for both new build and replacement glazing projects