MX Visible Grid

Versatile Glazing Solutions for Flat or Faceted Façades

MX Visible Grid, iQuarter, Sheffield

MX Visible Grid – Key Features

Flat or faceted façades. 6mm to 32mm glazing available as a flat façade or faceted up to 20°

Superior load distribution. Less deflection across the transoms allows the system to hold large, heavy glazing units

Concealed vent option. Projecting top hung open-out, and tilt/turn concealed vents for natural ventilation whilst maintaining an uninterrupted flat façade

Choice of glazing gaskets. Available as over-sized vulcanised corners, linear supply, or made-to-order frames to suit project requirements

Larger glass sizes. MX62 is an option for the vertical façade, which allows specifiers to use a 62mm module for larger glass sizes, maximising natural light

Additional acoustic performance. MX Acoustic is another option for MX Visible Grid for projects requiring further acoustic protection with 42mm glazing.