Technal Announces New Thermal Performance Data for Casement Window System - Exceeding Building Regulations Requirements

Architectural aluminium systems specialist, Technal, has announced new thermal performance data for its FXi65 casement window system, which exceed Building Regulations requirements.

The new figures demonstrate that even with a 24mm double glazed unit, a Uw value of 1.4w/m²K can be achieved. This is significantly below Building Regulations requirements but is a specification often requested by architects and contractors.

The revised calculations compare the Uw values that can be achieved using a typical window size of 1.25m x 1.48m under a variety of conditions and parameters, and are available for fixed light, open-out and open-in configurations.

Commenting on the new data, Ian Smith, Senior Manager at Technal, said, “The publication of this latest data follows the introduction of more accurate software to calculate thermal performance and the advancements in glass and glazing technology.  When specifying window systems, we would advise architects and contractors to consider all the variations and combinations that affect thermal performance and their impact on the overall building design. These factors include window size, glass emissivity, unit filling, glazing U value, solar factor, light transmission, and the U value of the frame.”

Technal’s FXi65 commercial aluminium window is a technically advanced framing system with slim sight lines.  It features both curved and flat-faced profiles with a module depth of 65mm, and has a 19mm flush polyamide thermal break with innovative gasket detailing for enhanced thermal performance.

The system can accommodate 17mm up to 48mm glazed units, allowing more economical glass specifications to be used, whilst still delivering the targeted Uw value.  A composite open-out window, which can be externally glazed, can also be supplied, as well as a tilt/slide option.

In tests up to 600 Pa, the FXi65 window achieved the highest classification for air permeability. It is fully watertight up to 1200 Pa and is rated up to the equivalent pressure of 2000 Pa for wind resistance.

The FXi casement window suite is fully compatible with Technal’s Geode-MX curtain walling and MODAL low rise façade system, and is also available in 46mm and 52mm module depths.

Window options include tilt/turn, open-in and open-out systems. Technal’s ergonomically-designed tilt/turn handle can be colour matched to project requirements.

To view the new performance data for the FXi65 window or for further information, see

FXi65 aluminium casement window

FXi65 aluminium casement window