Our values

We are not afraid to go first,that’s why we progress more quickly.

Technal Innovation and test centre

Making progress means creating opportunities, exploring other ways of doing things, opening new roads. That’s how we work at Technal, we stay ahead of what is to come. We believe that innovation is the fastest route to the future, evidence of which is our Test Centre in Toulouse (France). This is where we develop R&D+I projects to cover the entire production process, from preliminary studies with prototypes, to all manner of resistance tests. All these efforts have materialised in aluminium joinery with unprecedented sound and thermal insulation qualities.


Imagination is the most sophisticated way of building

technal is imagining the future for youImagination moves the world and at Technal, we move with it. It is part of our way of doing things, enabling us to make progress, innovate and inspire. Where others see a window, we see leading-edge technology at the service of people and sustainability. We see the future. Ever since Technal was created in Toulouse, in 1960, imagination has always been a hallmark of our projects. An innovative vision, focused on creating excellent aluminium window systems: doors, windows, balconies, railings and pergolas with our own designs, that have made Technal the market leader and a global benchmark.


When design meets practicality, the present looks to the future.

Design Aluminium building systems

We create elements that inspire, transmit sensations and are tailored to fit each project. 

Functionality, respect for the environment and integration into the surroundings come together to make them unique. 

We make use of exclusive treatments and colours and have an array of handles and accessories that make ours the products of choice for any architectural style. 


Working to improve the environment

Technal stand for sustainability

Aluminum has many features that make it environmentally friendly: it is abundant, recyclable, long-lasting and practically maintenance-free. Technal is led by innovation and is considered by architects and construction specialists as a leader in building solutions. Technal collaborates with specialised companies to improve the recycling process of aluminum and to reduce carbon emissions during the life cycle of its products. In addition, Technal’s aluminum systems provide the necessary insulation to reduce energy consumption from heating and cooling.