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Architect copyright:


A 49 (Thailand)

ACT Consultants (Thailand)

Adeas Consultants (Bahrain)

Arch’Iles Concept (France)

Archetype (Vietnam)

Architectural Consulting Group (UAE)

Arkireka Design (Brunei)

Arkitek Ibrahim (Brunei)

Arkitek KHP (Malaysia)

Bahrain Engineering

Blox Development  (Thailand)

Cabinet Koffi et Diabate Architectes (Ivory Coast)

CAC Consulting (Senegal)

Carusso & Torricella (Italy)

CICCA NM. (Sint Marteen)

Dewan Architects & Engineers (UAE)

George Go (Philippines)

Gilbert & Willy YU (Philippines)

GIOIA (Sint Marteen)

Groupe RJ (France)

Guillermo Garcia (Argentina)

Gulf House (Bahrain)

Jamil Ibrahim (Lebanon)

Jirat and Associates (Thailand)

M.S.C.E.B. (Bahrain)

Mike Parker Architect (France)

Modern Architects (Bahrain)

MSGSSS (Argentina)

Palmer and Turner (Thailand)

Patrice l’Hopitalier (France)

Philippe FLAGEL (France)

Philippe JARCET (France)

Philippe Stouvenot (France)

Pierre ATEPA GOUDIABY (Senegal)

Roberto THURINGER (Senegal)

S.A.U.M. SARL – Fabrice Messier Architecte (France)

Saleh Al Qallaf Consultants (Kuwait)

Seeman Riachi (Senegal)

Serge Gunot (France)

Société Antillaise d’Architecture – Mr Burner (France)

Stefan ANTONI (South Africa)

Steven J. Leach and Associates (Thailand)

Tilke® Gmbh (Germany)

Véronique Bigeard (France)

Yves Letirant (France)