TECHNAL is reinventing the SAFETYLINE louvre system

The SAFETYLINE louvre system is a long-standing TECHNAL product and has proven its effectiveness in reducing the use of air conditioning by favouring natural ventilation and solar protection in a building. TECHNAL is now once again innovating by giving this flagship product an invisible! motor and the possibility of creating dimensions of any size for renovation projects.


Refined design

SAFETYLINE is equipped with moveable or fixed blades – up to 1,400 mm in width! – made of glass or aluminium. Discreet and light in appearance, these flat or curved blades can be mixed and matched to create any look imaginable. With an exceptionally thin mullion - 42 mm! – the SAFETYLINE louvre system leaves on show only the horizontal, thin lines of its blades.

Proven security

Its exceptional performance makes SAFETYLINE the product to beat on the market. All types of blade can be reinforced with an intermediate transom for large dimensions.


Blade rip-out strength: tensile resistance greater than 200 daN.


Impact resistance: 900 joules (guardrail standard).


Hurricane resistance (class 5).


Endurance test: more that 30,000 cycles, equivalent to over 20 years of use.


Maximum dimensions: W. 1,400 mm x H. 2,494 mm: 18 aluminium blades or W. 1,400 mm x H. 2,300 mm: 12 glass blades. Larger dimensions possible with the intermediate transom and use of several motors.


SAFETYLINE MOVE louvre system: invisible motor!

Ideal for hospitals, homes and buildings open to the public, the motorised version makes opening and closing the SAFETYLINE louvre system easy for all. With the invisible motor and silent blade movement, the user's comfort is optimised.

In addition to the motor being fully hidden inside the frame, the SAFETYLINE MOVE louvre system has numerous other benefits, such as:


- the programmable motor which can be connected to a home automation system or a Centralised Technical Management system.


- several sets of blades on the same louvre system can be opened and closed independently with the integration of several motors.


Whatever your project, Technal sales managers can determine the most suitable solution for you.



The use of modular end caps enables the SAFETYLINE louvre system to be adapted to the dimensions required in any renovation project.