Aluminium facade window and door systems

Photovoltaic sunshades

The Technal photovoltaic sunshade combines two techniques to improve the energy balance of buildings:
- sun screening, to increase interior comfort and reduce the need for air conditioning;
- photovoltaic generation of electricity.

The photovoltaic modules are integrated into the continuous aluminium blades, which means they can always be matched to the rest of the building in terms of frame widths, colours and finishes.

The electrical connection system is concealed and protected by the aluminium structure.

The photovoltaic sunshade is a complete system that is efficient and easy to manage, and includes:
- the aluminium structure, whose aerodynamic behaviour has been tested in winds up to 210 km/h (CSTB certification),
- two types of photovoltaic module: monocrystalline with black cells or polycrystalline with blue cells. The modules are certified to European and German standards (CE marking).

A choice guide table enables architects and companies to optimise the tilt angle and the distance between blades at the project design stage, and also provides a means of estimating the amount of photovoltaic energy that will be produced (kW).

With the photovoltaic sunshade, Technal makes it easier to integrate solar power generating solutions into all types of project, even small projects.

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